Bjorn Danh  




The Danish zionist gang


1. edition, 2016

 Copyright © Bjorn Danh Tales


This new series of picture novels

 will continue non stop to expose

the genocidal crimes against humanity

of the israeli zionists,

as long as their insane terror in Palestine continues!



Once upon a time,

there was a beautiful country in the far end of the Mediterranean Sea.

 It was called Palestine.

 Palestine and the Palestinian people was under British mandate/occupation

before and under WWII.

 In those years many non Semite zionists, that claimed to be Jews,

was immigrating to Palestine, from Eastern Europe, most from Poland and Russia:

These zionists had a plan. A very evil plan.

 Under and after WWII the zionist groups were boiling and performed many terrorist attacks on the Palestinian people.

Most known probably the terrorist attack in King David Hotel, in Jerusalem, July 22 1946.

 The Irgun terrorist gang, lead by the Belarus invader Mieczyslaw Biegun,

killed 93 people with this terror-attack.

 Fakejew Biegun later changed name to the more Jew-sounding Menachem Begin,

as it was, and is, common for the zionist invaders to hide their war crimes under the holocaust pity-card.

May 15, 1948.

 The zionist invaders unleashed hell in Palestine,

their main attacks and massacres on the Palestinian people, transformed Palestine into hundreds of bloody terror-zones.

 A catastrophe, or as the Palestinians called it:

Al Nakba:




It is here we find the first 9 war active zionist Danes.

One is Nahum Pundak, or as known in our Denmark, Herbert Pundik, 

that decided to help “liberate” non existent “israel” by joining other zionist invaders,

in their now main terrorist organisation Haganah:

It is unknown how many Palestinians Pundak has killed.

 Or if this Danish invading zionist is a child-killer?

 We don’t know, but Pundak was participating

in the crimes, massacres and stealing another country:


 Later in the 1960-ties, zionist Pundik spied

for the israeli zionist organisation Mossad.

 Pundik looks nice, right?

Just like a real cosy uncle:




Through the 1970-ties was the Danish people still quite humanitarian, anti-Vietnam-war and pro Palestine.

 The rest of the millennium several peace negotiations are held about Palestine.

 It is obvious to any sane person the endless talks, where USA is involved, is fake scams.

The israeli zionists have green lights from USA to continue terrorize and steal the Palestinians land.

USA clearly wants “israel” as spearhead for their war pig imperialism in the Middle East.




Fall 1995.

The pro peace israeli prime minister Yitshak Rabin is killed.

By a Palestinian?

No, of course not.

By an anti-peace zionist mad dog, Yigal Amir!




Another manipulating zionist is on the loose in Denmark.

Anders Jerichow.

He works with various newspapers. He looks and appears like a mister nice guy.

Quite intelligent (so was Hitler, right?). Always playing his zionist cards calm.

Acts like a humanist but for sure is both pro US wars and black heart fakejew zionist.

Jerichow argumented for the attack on Iraq, removal of  Saddam Hussein, because of Saddam’s crimes.

(what are only a nano-fraction of what both USA and the israeli zionists have commited).

Of course he knew the attacks served the israeli zionist invaders very well,

as their goal is to create a greater “israel” in Middle East, errrr, equal Hitlers “Tausendjähriges Reich”.


Jerichow’s hunger for the greater “israel” is further exposed, 

as he wants Denmark to join USA bomb and destabilize Syria.

(As director of CIA now thinks must be devided).

And who do you think steal Golan, zionist Jerichow?

Jerichow was (is?) chairman of Humanity in Action.

What a joke!

Humanity and his war wishes are like oil and water.

Don’t mix.




We enter the new millennium, year 2000.

In occupied Palestine are the invading zionists increasing their attacks on the Palestinians.

The israeli zionist invaders know that the lifted finger from time to time from big brother USA, 

just is a joke, fake, not for real.


911 changes the world completely.


And the zionists use the chaos to unleash massacres

in occupied Palestine again and again.


Ariel Sharon rots away.


But, oh horror, the worst and most sick zionist monster

rises from an unknown black hole, in occupied Palestine:


The past-polish, pretend-jew, non-Semite, extremist zionist:

 Benjamin Mileikowsky.

 (Today known as child-killer Satanyahu or Nazitanyahu).

 He is directly, with USA backing, responsible for

several massacres in Gaza and crimes against humanity.

The monster is without doubt a war criminal!




 In Gaza are USA produced Geneva Convention banned weapons

used and tested deliberately against Palestinian children!

Among them the horrifying white phosphor grenades.

White phosphor that burns all the way into your bones,

and can’t be stopped for days:

2006, 2 massacres in Gaza.

 2008, 2 massacres in Gaza.

 2012, 1  massacre in Gaza.

 2014,  the worst massacre in Gaza,

where the israeli zionist invaders exterminates 2350 people, of them 551 children.

 Satanyahu command the united zionist invading forces

to use all available ammunition fired into Gaza.

 In 51 days uses “israel” more than 20.000.000 kilos

of bombs, grenades and missiles, during July and August,

in an area only 6 times bigger than Manhattan!

 Equivalent to the Hiroshima or Nagasaki atom bomb!

Nazitanyahu’s July massacre, Protective Edge, under the cover of world cup football where media focus,

triggers debates in Denmark.

Media, politicians and “middle east experts” soon comments the zionists’ bombardments in Gaza, Palestine.

 DR’s, Denmark’s primary television and radio station,

2nd channel, DR2, has a guy called Martin Krasnik as anchor in a debate program called “Deadline”:

Never heard of him before, but in the next weeks he will shake my human roots.

 It takes a few minutes to realize DR has placed

an extremist zionist as debate leader in Deadline on DR2.

 As all zionists, is fakejew, Russian origin and non-Semite Martin Krasnik 

(ex family name Krasnikov) playing the “pity-me-holocaust-card” heavily.

 He invites a so called ME expert into Deadline.

Krasnik holds the mike and control who talks when.

As any zionizt, is Krasnik of course extremely rude.

 Everytime Irving tries to explain something from the israeli zionists’ massacres in Palestine,

Krasnik shout him right in the face, interrupting him.

Again and again!

 The interview ends without Irving has got any of his points out about the massacres in Gaza, he was never allowed!

 I am stunned, what the fuck is going on, DR?

 A week later.

 Krasnik has an amazing Norwegian in the Deadline studio, humanist and doctor Mads Gilbert,

who works in and comes directly from Gaza:

There he has been working in hospitals,

trying to save as many lives as possible of the zionist slaughtered Palestinian children:

Same scenes repeat themselves as with Irving.

The zionist-troll Krasnik attacks him, shout him in the face,

refuses him to answer, every time Mads tries to tell us about the invading zionists’ terrorizing hellish bloodbath in Gaza.

 After the “debate” with Mads Gilbert, Krasnik reveals in a radio interview he could go into war for the state of “israel”.

There are no “israel” state, zickonist Krasnik!

 "israel" is just the zionists’ name for occupied Palestine.

Bloody Netanyahu’s 51 day massacre slaughters

2350 humans, among them 551 children.

Targeted and killed deliberately by the zionist invaders.

Documented by dozens of regretting israeli soldiers.




Under the attacks I follow the media and politicians close, here in Denmark.

Especially the newspaper Politiken, TV station DR and our primary politicians.

 It is soon obvious the Danes don’t care much about

the israeli zionists’ war crimes in occupied Palestine.

 And it is soon obvious that the main players hang together

in a spider-web of ignorance, lies and manipulations!

 Politiken, well, we know this paper has been controlled

long time by the zionists Pundik and Jerichow.

 Now the editor of Politiken is Bo Lidegaard:


The TV station DR’s director Maria Ronn and news director Ulrik Haagerup 

are responsible for what is going on in the various departments/studios of DR’s black temple:


In the Danish Parliament, the old castle Kristiansborg,

is the prime minister Thorning of the Socialdemocrats

and the foreign minister is Martin Lidegaard of Radicals:


So now we have the main chess pieces lined up.

The attentive reader have probably noticed we have 2 Lidegaard, brothers are they, haha.




July 2, 2014.

A Palestinian boy is kidnapped, tortured and burned alive by 4 zionist invaders in the Jerusalem forest:

As normal are the zionist invaders terrorism and crimes

in occupied Palestine not spoken of in west world medias.




In the beginning of Netanyahu’s mad attack on Gaza, we do not hear a lot of it in Denmark.

West world media occupied with world cup, and Palestine?

Yawn, the israeli zionist invaders “have the right to defend themselves”.


How can invaders “defend” themselves, when they are the attackers?

 But soon articles pops up here and there.

The poor “victim”, Nakba-terrorist zionist Pundik, tries to balance on a knife edge

and reduce Satanyahu’s massacre to a “conflict”.

 As west world do; media, politicians, even United Nations.

  He tries to look humane, but he blows it:

“Sweet music in the sky, as Patriot missiles hits income rockets from Gaza”, he hums from Tel Aviv.

It shines through between the lines in the Politiken article,

it adds up, he is pro Netanyahu’s Gaza massacres.

Haganah zionist-terrorist Pundik and the zionist propaganda orchestrator and manipulator Krasnik

in DR2’s Deadline studio, covered with the East EU zionist invaders cloth and colours.


By now I know extremist Krasnik is actually a propagandist for zionism,

like Goebbels was for Nazism in the 1930’ties Germany:




So much for our media, but what about our prime minister? And our foreign minister, bro to Politiken’s editor?

 Through all of July, as the massacring zionists’ killing figures rise insanely,

we hear nothing from the prime minister, not a single quak!


Foreign minister Lidegaard appears with vague comments from time to time.

But a brave journalist from TV2 nails him in an interview July 21.

Lidegaard tries again and again to deflect his questions about the thousands of killed Palestinians,

but the journalist does not accept and asks again. 

Lidegaard almost explodes and hisses into the camera, the zionists’ standard frase:

“”Israel” has the right to defend itself”.

By now Ban Ki Moon has enough and UN now condemns

the israeli zionists’ war crimes and mass-murders in Gaza,

but, Lidegaard and Thorning refuses to.

Zionist Lidegaard condemns Hamas freedomfighters though. 

He is convinced they started the attack, completely ignoring the facts, 

that nazitanyahu’s zio-creeps had killed 14 Palestinians on West Bank, 

and, burned Khdeir alive before Hamas acted.

Wonder if he thinks the Palestinians just shall stay calm and walk straight into the gas ovens as the Jews?

What if one in your family was burned alive, Lidegaard?

Would you remain calm and not do anything?

It shows Lidegaard (looks under pressure, right)

is a true zionist, as he refuses recognize State of Palestine, as the Swedish Government did,

and still will not condemn zionist “israel”s crimes against humanity.

But! But listen now, dear reader.

When 30 people are killed in the Ukraine/Russia conflict, he jumps up, screaming:

Condemn Russia, and sanctions, heavy sanctions, now!

You are a pathetic excuse for a human being, Lidegaard!


Thorning refuses also to condemn “israel”,

as the only Socialdemocrat leader in northern Europe!

Well, she is never real engaged in politics as prime minister,

She is just an ignorant greedy egocentric icecold bitch.

 She certainly does not have the heart

of a real Socialdemocrat as the legend Anker Jorgensen,

who knew what was going on in Palestine,

and not afraid to tell people, and met their leader, freedom-fighter Yasser Arafat:




DR’s directors Ronn and Haagerup continue their lousy news-coverage of the zionist invaders’ terror in Gaza,

as they without any criticism and any questioning accept every statement (lie) from

the israeli zionist terrorist government, police and military.

And pro zionist DR sadly continue to do so this day today.

zionist and child-killer Benny Gantz and other zio-scum,

are the chosen sources of Denmark Radio, DR!

 Equivalent to blindly believe and report Goebbels’ Anti-Jew propaganda in 1935 Nazi Germany, or, DR?

 Nazis killed Jews. The zionists kill Palestinians, DR.

Again and again, Denmark Radio!

 Got it?




In addition to Krasnik, has DR a pair of reporters in the occupied Palestine.

Sorensen and Damsgard:

I did not know anything about them before the zionist invaders’ 2014 Gaza massacres.

But it soon occurs to me, they are potty-trained to have same views as big mother DR, and they are truly zionists.

 Just like, “israel” has always been there and it is the Palestinians, that invaded “israel”.

Allan joins happily the disgusting nonhuman zionists

at their favourite spectator sport:

Watching Gaza being bombed by the “israel” invaders.

I don’t now if Sorensen brought the beers or the popcorn!

We will be back to Damsgard later.




The israeli ambassador in Denmark enters the scene too, after the zionists discover a bus company, Movia,

advertise for a boycott of israeli products from the occupied areas in Palestine.

 (Well, about that: All of Palestine is occupied area, by the zionists invaders’ illegal “israel” state).

After he visits Movia’s director, the bus company

removes the posters. Freedom of speech gone.

What affected or moved Movia’s director?

A brown-bag full of $ as the zionists usually deliver?

 Next day the protesters continued in another manual way.

Well done, good people.




And a rightwing Danish newspaper, MX, MetroXpress

is very offended because two humanitarian organisations collect a few hundred dollars

to bombed schools and hospitals in Palestine.

Yeah, that is a big crime!

 MX’s editorial refer to them as Jew-haters, when they speak about zionism on their websites.

 As Judaism and zionism are two completely different things, some people, a lawyer and I offers the organisations help.

 We tell the editor about his mistake/ignorance.

MX refuse to change their text and no response!


  Judaism is a religion.

 zionism is an political ideology.

 Actually zionism is worse what fascism/nazism ever were!




Krasnik gets a lot of criticism for his style and arrogance of the way 

he protects the zionists’ slaughtering of the Palestinian men, women and children.

But of course there is fans also.

Rightwing brainwashed islamophobes that gladly see the Palestinians exterminated in zionist “israel”s genocide.

 But we begin to see the bigger picture now of the Danish zionist-junta:

 Politiken, DR, the Danish government’s ministers and more.

 Now another Krasnik fan pops up on Politiken, Hybel, 

that announces Krasnik is “king of critic interviews”!

Martin Lidegaard denies zionist “israel”s massacres. 

Politiken’s Bo Lidegaard announces DR’s zionist creature Krasnik as best journalist 2014!

 And another newspaper, Kristeligt Dagblad, KD, writes an article about poor Krasnik:

“The TV-host, that was hit on his Jewish background”!

Who do you think works on KD, dear reader?

Hahahaa, correct.

Krasnik’s brother Benjamin Krasnik!


 In the manipulations Sorensen also writes a book about Krasnik and Pundik talking of “israel” and Judaism.

Meaning is to keep Danes focus on the “poor Jews” and deflect talking about the real issue:

The zionists’ terror and genocide in Palestine!


The Danish zionist-gang’s smokescreen defined!


Krasnik uses the opportunity of the rumble to write a book.

He is so sad (crocodile-tears) because thousands of Danes with heart

protest against his cover-up of nazitanyahu’s crimes against humanity.

 So coward and hypocrite child-killer-supporter Krasnik crawls in under the “pity-me-poor-jew” umbrella.

It is common zionism tactics and he (poor me) publishes:

“Fucking Jew”.

 (A more correct title would have been “Faking Jew”).


He babbles on about all good people should be zionists.

Oh really, Krasnik?

Support yours and Satanyahu’s stealing, killings and genocide in Palestine and on the Palestinians?

 You and all zionists are some very sick non human beings.

 But Krasnik continues, oh, “israel” is a good country.

Look how many Russian refugees we take in and help.

 Oh my!

 How can you invade and attack another country and “invite” several million people to steal their land?

Refugees? No way.

They are mainly east EU armed zionist invaders!

Fakejews and non-Semites!

Got it now?




Syria. Civil war. Debate rages in Denmark about the fighters that travel to Syria and join the resistance against Assad.

 A journalist discover there actually are Danish mercenaries in Gaza,

fighting for the zionists against the Palestinians.

 In total there are about 6000 mercenaries in occupied Palestine, among them 15 Danes.

Our politicians are outraged about the Syrian-fighters

but no one lifts an eyebrow about the Danish child-killers in Gaza,

even when presented with the facts.





Denmark has a politician, Khader.

He changes party, as frequently as anyone change underwear, after where he hopes to fit.

A soldier of fortune.

 At Ramadan, Danish Palestinian Friendship Association launches a boycott against dates produced in “israel”,

because the risk is, they come from occupied West Bank.

Don’t know who sponsors Khader, but he claims the boycott could hurt the Palestinian workers in the zionists’

stolen farms and the workers actually are treated quite well!

 Are you a completely moron or a traitor, Khader:




You remember the truck attack in Prom des Anglais, Nice?

Of course you do. News went global about the bloody attack.

 And DR unleashes its islamophobian pro zionist pitbulls, Krasnik and Sorensen,

that instantly eyes a shot on the Palestinian people.

Krasnik in DR’s studio and Sorensen on his pro “israel” propaganda mission in the occupied Palestine:

“Oh, the trucker did the same as the Palestinians do to us in “israel”, ramming us with their cars, Allan”.

“Yes Martin, it is a typical way of the Palestinian’s attacks on the israeli people.

 Oh really?

 On the contrary, you two Goebbels-propagandists.

It is the israeli zionist terrorist invaders,

that ram Palestinians frequently, especially their children.

 And you know it!

Just look at these girls killed by your sick zionist invaders:

I know Krasnik is an ultra-evil pro child-killing zickonist, but I am really surprised about Sorensen.

What is his motive to all these lies and manipulations?

 Is he sponsored by the israeli embassy or government?




DR’s Puk Damsgard is regularly working for the zionists in occupied Palestine,

writing various articles and some books.

May 2015 is she in Gaza, Palestine, writing an article about a wonderful 16 year old girl and cellist, Karma.

Interview starts nice, about this and that, and Karma tells her she wanted to visit a friend in Jerusalem, 

but it was impossible because of the israeli zionists, that siege Gaza.

Damsgard turns the conversation’s focus on Hamas.

Karma tells her no one in the family are Hamas members, and drooling Damsgard continues her sentence:

“As “israel” sees as a terror organisation”!

 Damsgard! DR! 

Hamas are freedom fighters same resistance was in France 

and various groups were in Denmark in WWII, among them Holger Danske!

Oh, Damsgard, so your trash article is really about smearing the Hamas freedom-fighters?

Hahahaa, you, almost, clever cockroach queen bitch!

Now she digs up people that criticise Hamas freedom fighters,

and all sections down through the article have sentences about how much people are tired of and hate Hamas.


Busted Damsgard!


At the last elections in 2006

(“israel” zionists prevent the Palestinians to have regularly elections, 

as they only are interested in split the Palestinians in Gaza and on the West Bank)

won Hamas clear, big surprise for the west world.

And the “democratic” countries of “israel”, USA and most of Europe were chocked and demanded:

“Hamas had to recognize “israel” instantly or the elections would be overruled”!

(despite the international election observers stated the elections have been running ok!)

So “democracies” of the West shall decide what other people shall vote or mean?

(Same when “democratic” USA invaded and killed more than 4 million Vietnamese, because they wanted free elections!)

Well, USA is furious, because the good Palestinians did not vote as USA wanted, so the war pig US gov. react as usual:

Dollars and weapons plus training to the enemy, Fatah,

(so they can fight down Hamas!)


 And, zionist Damsgard, 

September 2014 was Hamas backed by 61% of all the Palestinian people, Gaza and West Bank!


Damsgard continues, the zionist scams are obvious DR’s official politics, 

her anti Palestinian stories in the show “Horizon”:

“Children behind knife-attacks on israelians”.

She continues: Omar killed an israeli settler (with a knife).

Damsgard, these creeps are not settlers.

They are east EU zionist terrorist invaders, that daily harass, terrorize and kill Palestinian children.

Damsgard, as DR, eats the israeli police’s info raw.

55% of PAL knife-attackers are under 18 years old.

In autumn 2015 tried 29 PAL children to attack zionists.

(That period, and continuing, is also called III Intifada).

Tragic, very tragic, Damsgard does not mention in the same period have zionist invaders, police and soldiers

killed several hundred non armed Palestinians

Are you blind or $$$ payed down there, Damsgard?

Why are you protecting zionist invaders’ child-killing, DR?

Still you really do not know zionist invaders’ knife-scams?

Well, DR, Krasnik, Sorensen and Damsgard, then look here:

No knife – knife. Magic, DR?

No knife – knife. Magic, DR?

Web filled with evidence of the zio-nazis knifescam-killings!

Got it now, DR?




Damsgard continues:

Meet 10-year-old Janna Jihad, being "used" to activism.

She is too young to ”understand” this "conflict". 

(There it was again: ”Conflict”. Only pro israeli zionists use the word conflict

about the israeli zionists invaders killings and massacres).

Well, Damsgard, any Palestinian child of 10 year, or less, understands perfectly well,

when zionist murderers hunt or kill their family, or tear their house down, as it is common,

when the israeli zionists steal Palestinian land and property.

 Any child, Damsgård and DR!

Any child, Damsgård and DR!

Yes DR, PAL kids know well about the zio-nazis, DR.

Very well!




4 young men were released from prison today.

They had been jailed since Omar El-Hussein attacked a Muslim critical debate 

in a café and a synagoge in Copenhagen 14 and 15 of February 2015.

They were accused helping Omar El-Hussein with terrorism.

Omar had killed a man at the café and killed a zionist at the synagoge.

 Omar was killed with 29 shots by the Danish State’s police forces’ special action unit.

Omar’s mother accused Danish State for execute her son.

Danish State refused. 

But he was executed.

(As Doukaev was, 2010, evidence just released as I write today. Police, PET, was ordered to kill, not arrest him)!

The Police Action group could have taken him down easy alive with sniper riffles or even anesthetic ammunition.


What is interesting, is why did Omar attack? Religion? Ongoing hate-crimes against Muslims in Denmark/World?

Or because the Palestine origin young man was fed up with the zionist invaders’ killings in his parents homeland?

We will never know,

because the Danish State decided he must be killed.

Rest in peace, Omar.

 * * *




You know now, the zionists lie and deflect, the same way the nazis did back in the dawn of the “Third Reich”.

 So, the last few tips about the zionists’ common outcries:

  Their first and most important scam:


What is it? What does it mean, really?

To understand you must of course first know what a Semite is and what is not a Semite.


You are not a Semite, just because you are a Jew.

You are not a Semite, just because you are a zionist.

You are not a Semite, just because you invade Palestine.


Semite refer to the native people of the twelve tribes

in the ancient land known as Samaria, today Palestine.

The Palestinians were at that time called Philistines.

So, dear reader, if you hate Palestinians, then you are actually an anti-Semite, funny right?

Less than 2% of the Jews in occupied Palestine today are Semites. 

Rest just use “anti-Semite” for their scam.


Second scam:

The zionist terms “israel defense forces”, idf, and: “We have the right to defend ourselves”

are of course also a part of the zionist invaders scams.

 How is it defence, when you invade another country?

It is not of course. It is an attack, an assault, right?

 Within a week after the zionists’ massacres and killings of the Palestinian people in May 1948,

Ben Gurion gathered, and nazi-clever, renamed all the zionist invaders different terror cells to idf:

”israeli ”defence” force”.

Again, how can you “defend”, when you are invaders?


Third scam:

“We are the “chosen people” and “god” promised us this (your) land”.

Such a concoction have you really to look far for1

I promise you, millions of East Europe scum fakejew zionist invading child-killers,

your “god” never ever promised you could invade and steal Palestine!

Lots of Palestinian families still have the original keys to their houses, 

that they were expelled from,

by the zionist invading terrorists, after WWII.




Remember, zionists!


If you lie, you hide, you manipulate, and worst,

you support the israeli zionist invaders’ terror, stealing, violence, torture and child-killing,

All in all:

 You support the zionists’ genocide in Palestine, then you are a criminal and guilty!