Berlingske media and zionism


1. edition, 2020


Copyright © Bjorn Danh Tales




 We have reached number 3 in the "Fucking zionist" series.

The series, which is a "tribute" to the child killer sympathizing poor little "fucking jew"; Krasnik.

 This image novel focuses on B. Media.

 Where do BT, Berlingeren, Metroexpres and Weekendavisen stand comparing to the millions of invading jews in occupied Palestine?

We have some contributors on the field and the timeline will move from 2014 to 2019.

My interest for poor Palestine have lasted for many years, but it took serious speed in 2014,

when netanyahu bombed, massacred and murdered thousands in Gaza, including many babies and children.

 Yes, you may remember Sorensen's pictures from the bombings of Gaza, where the “chosen" laugh and enjoy drinks and popcorn?

 At first a red-haired jew,

oh no, not little red Riding Hood, but the B. Media Weekend Avisen newspaper editor Krasnik, you know him, the TV whiner,

was employed at DR2 and host in their program "Deadline".

 And I quickly found out, on this program, the title was very appropriate for this aggressive and all-disrupting jewish beast.


Important in this 3rd short story in the Fucking zionist series!

 An article in B. Media's MX a few years ago:

"Muslim organizations collect illegally".

Oh dear, yes, it was terrible that two organizations raised a few thousand danish crowns

to the schools and hospitals that jews had bombed in Gaza.

MX wrote that when Care for Palestine (fakebook) uses the word zionist it is the same as jew.

Here is how it stood:

(zionists = jews, ed.)

Suppose that "ed." refers to the (ignorant?) editors.

Believe that it was Jens Grund who was the boss at that time.

Several, including me, wrote in the debate that it is two different things.

The judaism is a religion and zionism is a political ideology.

But B. Media arrogantly refused to correct the remark in their article.

  So, therefore in Fucking zionist 3, we will turn things up side down a bit.

     If B. Media claims that jews and zionists are the same,

then I would very much like to use the words "jew" and "judaism" instead of zionist and zionism,

of course on B. Media's account.

     It will certainly get really exciting and entertaining as we get further into the novel.

Attention please.

  The visuals in this short story are made in appropriate blocks

so that readers can print them out and paste them up

at media, educational sites, churches and synagogues, etc.  


Contributors i B. Media, chronological:

1.            Sorensen

2.         Bludnikow

3.               Krarup

4.               Khader

5.                 Ritzau

6.                   Holm

7.             Espersen

8.             Sorensen

9.                   Holm

10.                   Lilleor

11.                 Khader

12.                   Ritzau

13.                   Lilleor

14.                   Kamil

15.              Andersen

16.             Kassebeer

17.                 Krasnik


18.  Editors: Grund/Jensen

19.                    Conclusion


Summer 2014, the occupied Palestine.

Contributors: B. Media and Sorensen:  







netanyahu’s forces hammer on Gaza, and here we meet, for the first time, Sorensen, B. Media's comming employee.

  Yeah, you surely remember the pictures of the popcorn-eating jews.

     You know, Sorensen’s sponsors that laughing are having a cosy time

while their tanks, artillery, warships, drones and fighter-bombers massacre the people of Gaza.



Sorensen’s friends, the “chosen” child-killers,


that enjoy the massacres in Gaza.



     "israel's bombing of Palestine started last week, after three israeli teenagers were abducted and killed,

which allegedly led to the revenge of a young Palestinian."


Then we know exactly where B. Media stands.

Three teenagers abducted and killed.

A revenge killing, "allegedly"?

The three were not abducted but killed and netanyahu and his jewish terror cabinet knew it from day one.

No Palestinians have been convicted of the murders, and, further, a jewish rabbi was seen driving away with the 3 boys.

Another jewish "false flag" plot to start their war in Gaza?

  And, the interesting thing here, is all that B. leaves out:

Nothing about the invading jews have arrested hundreds of innocent people,

destroyed more than 200 Palestinian houses, stolen over US $ 3 million,

and murdered 14 Palestinians in the West Bank in this context.

  Revenge of a young Palestinian?

  Incredibly lousy that B. Media not is bringing any real facts about the extremely bestial murder of the young boy Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

  He was tortured and burned alive by a gang of jewish terrorists in Jerusalem:

Mohammed Abu Khdeir * * *, abducted by jews and burned alive.


“Right now, the international community understands why israel is attacking.

The Americans, some Europeans and all those who have tried to push israel into a long-standing ceasefire in recent days,

can now see that israel has made an attempt, but that Hamas is disrupting it."

Incredibly stupid is Sorensen.

Hamas can’t accept the jews' unreasonable demands and of course rejects them

after the jews assassinate PALs in both Gaza and the West Bank.

Some Europeans? The Americans?

As thousands US "military advisors", including F-15 fighter pilots and Apache helicopter pilots

with the jews bomb tons and tons

of Geneva Convention banned napalm, white phosphorus and flechette-bombs on the Palestinian children!

Sorensen (shekel-payed author?) :

“My interpretation is that israel has got their international points on this.

And that's why they can start attacking without waiting until the ceasefire expires on Sunday night."

You can't wait for the blood to flow from the screaming kids, right Sorensen and B. Media?



israel stepped down Saturday's 25-day war effort in Gaza.

Sorensen believes that it is a sign that the murderers of the jews

have succeeded in finding many of the tunnels that Hamas has dug.  


The “chosen” jews fire white phosphourous grenades into Gaza.



The jews' satan-offspring signs the grenades that wound, burn and kill

the children of Palestine.



"This indicates that israel has seriously begun to downplay the attacks, at least for the land offensive,

because it is believed that the targets that were set to find and destroy the tunnels

that Hamas has at its disposal are almost reached."

But it was now a fact in the beginning of August,

that Hamas freedom fighters gave the invading jews greater and greater losses, yes, a real proper asskicking.

They succeeded, among other things, to hit the officer hadar goldin and it really shook the jews.

But despite the withdrawal, israel also refused Saturday to participate in planned peace talks.

The jews reject peace, again, Sorensen!


"Many soldiers have been lost, Hamas leadership has not been hit."

Correct, Sorensen, good boy!

Hamas threw out the jews as the jews had used all their (US) bombs, grenades and missiles.

More than 20,000,000 tons of trotyl, more or less the equivalent of a Hiroshima nuclear bomb,

used the jewish terrorists against Gaza in 50 days.

But the Palestinians and Hamas held Gaza strong!

Shouldn't you check out how the invading jews stole Palestine, Sorensen?

A little basic knowledge, Sorensen?

Google Nakba, Sorensen.

Danish WWII freedom fighters,

and in Gaza 2014,

the amazingly strong Hamas freedom fighters.  

That Sorensen was praised on the jewish website israelonline, I understand very well, hehe,

after having seen all his pro-jewish propaganda from occupied Palestine.


"But then the nickel dropped."

Shouldn't it have said:

"But then the shekel fell?”

"Great" article:





Fall 2014, Copenhagen.

  Contributors: B. Media and Bludnikow:







"Krasnik's jewish wrestling".


“The TV host Krasnik discovered that there was jew-hatred in Denmark.

 It made him write the book "Fucking jew!"

 Berlingske has set their jewish book reviewer Bludnikow to review the book.

Is it possible or is the reviewer incompetent?"

 The jewish book reviewer Bludnikow, let's just get some background knowledge on this being:

  In Information: ”Bludnikow corrupts the debate”:


  In Modkraft: ”Bludnikow is a lazy and a bad historian":



Then we know pretty much where the toilet stands.

We now have our point of view for the jew Bludnikow's review of the jew Krasnik's "Fucking jew!"


"Berlingske (pro jewish media) has asked undersigned (jew) to report (jew) Krasnik's book" Fucking jew!".

Can I do it when I'm a jew? Does it cause problems?

The reason for this strange question is that Krasnik, as well as jews and journalists associated with israel,

are questioned their professional qualifications during the Gaza war (in reality Gaza massacres).

A signature gathering started by israeli critics would have him removed

after Krasnik hard-handedly interviewed people in DR's "Deadline" who were extremely critical of israel."

  "Professional qualifications"?

Yes, the "chosen" are pretty self-important.

"After Krasnik had hard handed interviewed people in DR's Deadline".

No, Bludnikow, not interviewed people, but shouted at, smeared and verbally assaulted

the humans who were in the programme "Deadline".

A very appropriate name for the DR2 program, dressed in the blue and white colors of the invading jews,

as it involved thousands of murdered Palestinians and hundreds of slaughtered Palestinian children in Gaza

by satan’s own “chosen” jewish thieves and war-pigs.

  Krasnik writes in his latrine "Fucking jew!":

"There is anti-semitism in Denmark."

Bludnikow reflects:

"After World War II, we believed that jew-hatred was gone forever."

  There it pops up again, the zionist constructed word "anti-semitism".

But, here it is directly opposed to the word "jew hatred".

  That we can really use for something!

“The basic word Semite gives the false impression that anti-semitism is aimed at all Semitic people,

including Arabs and Assyrians.

The zionist constructed word "Antisemitismus" ("anti-semitism") was first used in print in Germany in 1879

as a "scientific sounding phrase" for "judenhass," jew hatred, and it has been its common use ever since."

"Scientific sounding expression"?

There we have the essence of the jews’ cause with the word.

And people love to play smart, yes, they like to use the jews' false propaganda term "anti-semitism", so they feel a little, false, intellectual, when they should use the word jew hatred.

A Semite is a person who is born in, or whose family comes from, the twelve original 12 tribes from ancient Samaria, now occupied Palestine.

So, the two East European related persons Bludnikow and Krasnikov (former family name) are not Semites.

Do you understand this?

In contrast, all Palestinians are Semites.

Did you get it?

Last on B. Media's Bludnikow, by Morten Thing, (links to article in Modkraft a bit up):

“This is just one key example of Bludnikow's quote practice.

In order to dig deeper, as I suggested in my article in Social Criticism, you can examine Bludnikow's 1986 book Immigrants.

The Eastern European jews in Copenhagen 1905-1920 and see what mistakes he makes.

These errors range from manipulation to pure scams."



  The jews constructed fake-word that actually have no meaning

as all invading jews in Palestine are non semites.



March 2016, Krarup scrathes.

Contributors: B. Media and Krarup:






"The political pulse."


"Do we all become israelis?"


"Maybe we end up as an israeli if we don't stop the Muslim immigration into Europe."

(Right here fakestian Krarup shows she is a pure racist).

"I have spent a week in israel and in the West Bank,

and have come home with an uncanny idea that we in the West may be on our way to becoming israelis."

     Oh my!

  I really hope not.

Are we to be like the invading jews in occupied Palestine who steal and murder?

So we might as well be Nazis, not much difference there, right Krarup?



The invading jews' stealing of Palestine.



     “In israel, there is a frozen conflict over some land areas that are smaller in size than Jutland.

The root of the conflict is, of course, that both parties - the Muslim Palestinians and the jewish israelis - claim the right to the land.

But the conflict is perhaps less and less about land and more and more about religion.

The judaism and Islam that have traditionally been in conflict since Islam arose in the 600s."

  What is going on in (no, not "israel", which is an illegal state) occupied Palestine

is quite simple the jews' insidious genocide of the Palestinians.

Just drop your Islamophobic nonsence, Krarup.

This is about your friends the jews stealing of a country and its values and resources

and their mass murders, massacres and crimes against humanity.

     But of course, your xtian death cult has thru times done exactly the same, right “priest”?


"If they (the jews) go after the idea of a common state with the Palestinians, the jews will very quickly come into the minority."

  How stupid and ignorant (nazistyle manipulating?) are K?

The Palestinians make up just 17.5 percent of the total eight million invading jewish barbarians.

All descendants of the Semitic Palestinians who lived here peacefully,

when the illegal state of "israel" rose from the satanic fires of the jews in 1948.


     "Why, though, should a Muslim majority maintain a specific jewish state?"

  The Muslims and Jewish Palestinians (Semitic) have always lived in peace

until European (especially Eastern European) jews invaded Palestine and eventually stole the country in 1948, K.


“But can one trust that a free Palestine will be a peaceful neighbor to israel?

Currently, a series of terrorist attacks are being committed in israel by individual Palestinian suicide terrorists.

They drive cars into random pedestrians or they stab people with knives.

The attackers are most often killed by israeli police and military who are massively present everywhere."

  But it is really the jews who are thieves and terrorists.

It is not the Palestinians who have invaded another country, but it is the jewish plunderers.

Knife attack?

That you believe everything of the jews’ propaganda is understandable.

You are yourself a propagandist for the world's largest death and war cult in human history:

The xtian cult!


"Abbas has not condemned the terrorist attacks.

He has lamented the human suffering, but has not promised the israelis to control their own house and prevent more attacks.

He also did not post elections, although elections should have been held in the Palestinian autonomy areas."

  The Palestinians have wanted elections several times since 2006, when Hamas democratically won superiorly.

In April 2014, another election was prepared, with Hamas and Fatah talking about cooperation.

The jew nazitanyahu (and his allied US war-pig barack) did not like that.

The Palestinian unity government (between Hamas and Fatah) was sworn on June 2, 2014.

The israeli jews announced that they would not negotiate any peace agreement

with the new government and would impose punitive measures.

The jew satanyahu saw Palestinian unity as a threat, rather than an opportunity.

On the eve of the deal, he said the reconciliation would "bolster terrorism".

That is why the "chosen" nazi-satanic über-jew started his war and his massacres in Gaza.


Satan’s invading jews fabricate fake knife attacks again and again

when they kill the Palestinians.



Nope, Krarup.

The invading jews are not interested in peace.

The only way these jewish monsters want peace

is by exterminating the Palestinians.

(as Hitler would exterminate the jews)

Genocide, Crap'ski!



"Maybe he and the rest of the secular part of the Palestinians organized in the PLO/Fatah

are afraid that the Palestinian part of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, will take power, as happened in Gaza in 2006.

President Abbas haven't been to Gaza in 5 years!

It is part of his own country, and would correspond to that Løkke had not been in Jutland for 5 years,

and had also canceled all possibilities for parliamentary elections!!"

  Two exclamation points, really?

Is it ok by your ”god?”

Hamas' freedom fighters did not take power.

They won the Democratic elections in Palestine, 2006.

And again, Kraru-pain shows her ignorance.

Both Fatah and Hamas leaders have wanted to meet several times.

But every time is that thwarted by the jews' terror regime, when Abbas tried to cross israhell from the West Bank to Gaza.


"Do state borders mean anything in such a world where civilians with a knife

are a greater danger to peace than the enemy tanks behind a national frontier used to be?"

  The invading jewish monsters' tanks, fighter jets, warships and automatic rifle invaders

murder thousands of civilians more than the Palestinian freedom fighters, Krarup-ass.


"While the Islamic revival in the form of Hamas and the Islamic State (not yet represented in the Palestinian autonomous territories)

goes its way without respect for national borders.

The moderate Palestinians and human rights activists accuse israel of being guilty of radicalization.

But the more Islamic State grows worldwide in the Muslim population, the more hollow is the argument."

  IS in Iraq was created by Al Zarqawi

because the city of Fallujah was repeatedly attacked and smashed by US' warpig christian crusaders.

  Tens of thousands of civilians bombed the US army general "mad dog" mattis, with napalm and white phosphorus.

     But that doesn’t mean anything, does it, "priest" Krarup?

     That's how you are, you christian warpigs, right?

  Are you christians and you jews really allowed to murder as long as only Muslims are killed?

  And what the hell has occupied Palestine and the terror of the jews there

to do with Islamic State growing all over the world?


"There are no easy solutions. Maybe there are no solutions at all.

And maybe we will end up as israel, if we don't stop the Muslim immigration into Europe."

  Better you stop the insane jews’ invasion of Palestine first, you squabbling "Christian" duckling.

  Does Krarup know that thru Mankind’s history have the “xtians" killed around 456.000.000 people globally?

The Muslims have thru history killed less than 2 percent of the “xtians”!

Does Krarup even know the 10 commandments?

Does her child-murdering hero jew nazitanyahu?

Apparently not …



Today satanyahu’s non semite


jewish child killing invaders

have reached +6 millions.



Ramadan, June 2016, Khaders sandbox in BT.

Contributors: B. Media and Khader.






Blog in BT:

”The world according to Khader."

  (”The world” according to Khader? Yeah, arrogant he leans back (yes, you know him, right? almost like a self-glorifying oracle).


     "Boycott of dates hits the wrong ones."


In the Ramadan, the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association launches a boycott against dates produced on the West Bank

and (ex-Palestinian!) Khader attacks the association directly,

the only thing they want, is to create animosity between Palestinians and israelis.



Only a very sick creature (or payed!), Khader,

would claim the Palestinian workers are treated well by the invading jews.



"For the most part, I think their campaigns are ridiculous."

  Typical "intelligent" comment from this creature, as during the crisis with the Muhammad cartoons:

”Just because of some "ridiculous" pictures."

However, "ridiculous", is Khader himself.


"Right now they are trying to get people to boycott israeli dates produced in the West Bank,

harming those already pressed Palestinians in the West Bank who work as date pickers for israeli companies."

"…work as date pickers for israeli companies" ?

“…for israeli companies” ???


That Khader can’t see (or shekel-ignore) the problem here, the red lights blinking,

jewish companies in occupied Palestine, is his acceptance of the invading jewish thieves’ crimes.


"I agree that the EU has introduced a labeling of goods produced in the West Bank

because, according to international law, it is an occupied territory. (Ok Khader, nice).

I am also fully aware that the settlements are illegal under international law,

and that the Palestinians have the right to an independent state. (Ok Khader, really good).

In my opinion, a two-state solution is the only thing right,

but we will never get there with war, terror, boycott and confrontational rhetoric.”

  War, terror, massacres, occupation, thefts and murder are all on the jews account, Khader.

You know that very well.

Why do you think your father was a refugee in Syria?

Because of the jews invasion of Palestine, Khader!


BDS, Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions.

  Works very well against the jewish thieves in the occupied Palestine.



"That is why there is a need for both parties to start real peace talks."

There have never been any real peace talks, nor will there ever be.

There have only been delays, stalling.

The invading jews will steal all of Palestine, and more in the Middle East,

supported by your gun-supplying friends from the United States, and the Danish state, Khader.

Close in Oslo; Arafat, peres and rabin.

rabin who was shot and killed.

By a Palestinian?

No, of course not, by an insane jew.

yigal amir, Khader!


"Is it better to buy dates from a country, (Iran) that executes homosexuals and steals women?"

  Naive and blind, or malicious and arrogant, is Khader.

But just keep getting your dates from the jews bombing kids with napalm, white phosphorus and flechette grenades, Khader.

And sweep right in front of your own door, hypocritical Khader,

the Danish state, whose disgusting black-dressed lemon-moon-cake fascists (police)

over and over again both suffocate and kill weak people in Denmark.

Don't know who sponsors Khader,

but he claims the boycott could hit the Palestinian workers on the jews' stolen farms and the workers actually is being treated quite well!

Are you just an anti-Semite (here you can use the word anti-Semite correctly, since all Palestinians are Semites)

or a traitor on the Hellerup-jews' bribery list, Khader?




Chemical weapons against children.

The jews burn them with white phosphorus grenades,

and bomb them with flechette-bombs,

containing thousands of small darts dipped in radioactive liquids!

Gods “chosen” what?  

About Khader, intro in BT:

  He was born in Syria.

External senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington.

Writes about the heroes and villains of the world.

About new democracies.

And about the global value struggle.


  Khader was born in Syria, (father, Palestinian refugee, mother, Syrian).

External senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington.


Is that why Khader is so US-happy, just like his war-mad friend ex-minister Fogh?

Is he also US$-sponsored?

Writes about the heroes and villains of the world.

Is his hero netanyahu?

About new democracies.

Nobody murders more than "democracies", Khader.

And about the global value struggle.

The "chosen" invading jew-thieves dates?

       I am really looking forward to read the closet-jew Khader's autobiography some time.

It must surely be about a Palestinian traitor!




October 2017, Yaffa (Tel Aviv).

  Contributors: B. Media and Ritzau.





Like many other lazy bourgeois media, B. Media uses/copy the same articles seen in other magazines and on teletext.

Often from Ritzau and the other jewish owned AFP and Reuters.

It can be quite innocent, but if you print anything without just checking the content

(or because the source's "message" is always valid you $$$)

due to laziness or indifference, it may easily go very wrong, right or what, B. Media?

  B., (via Ritzau/AFP):

15 jewish extremists arrested for threatening jewish-Arab couples.

"Police in israel have arrested 15 members of an extremist jewish group

suspected of persecuting and threatening Arab men dating jewish women.

An israeli radio reports that one of the persons interviewed is benzi gopstein.

He is a prominent leader of the right-wing extremist group lehava.

The group is against mixed marriages."

  A "prominent" leader of the right-wing extremist group lehava?

How can B. Media use a word as prominent about a leader of a right-wing jewish terrorist movement?

Was Göring also prominent in B. Media years ago?

The note ends as follows:  

“Arabs make up about 17.5 percent of the total israeli population of eight million.

Many are descendants of Palestinians who lived after the establishment of the (illegal) state of israel in 1948."

No, no, no, B. Media, wake up now!  

”…descendants of Palestinians…” ?

They are Palestinians, B., and, B. Media, the illegal state of "israel" was not "created"

but stolen from the land of the Palestinian people.

About 9,000,000 live in occupied Palestine today.

Around 6,000,000 are, or are descended from, the non-Semitic invading jewish terrorists.

The remaining, approximately 1,700,000 Palestinians are proud of their country and are fighting bravely, now after 71 years,

as lions and tigers, against the countless invading hordes of disgusting jewish thieves, terrorists and murderers,

B. Media!  


It is called Palestine.

  They are called Palestinians.

  It is their land, B. Media!




November 2017, B. Media’s backyard.

Contributors: B. Media and Holm:







This is a comment. It expresses the writer's attitude.


"What is the worst, Roger Waters, giving a concert in israel or acting as a hypocrite?"


“In the eyes of Roger Waters, israel is an apartheid-like state that treats the Palestinians as second-class citizens.

If you are a musician, writer, researcher or athlete you should refrain from contact with israel and israelis.

The idea is that an international boycott of the jewish state can have the same effect it had on racially divided South Africa."

Roger Waters is right. The country is not only similar, but is a very brutal apartheid state.

It worked against SA.

And will work against the invading jewish terrorists.


     "The israeli-Palestinian conflict is far-reaching, bloody and damn complicated."

Holm, it is not a conflict, but millions of jews' invasion, occupation and theft of Palestine.

"And damn complicated" ...

No Holm, it's not. Just open your eyes and check the international media.

But, clearly, little Holm, if you are a paid creep like the approximately 1,000 other Danes (and B. Media?)

who the jewish command center in Hellerup pays a bag of shekel every now and then,

it is quite easy to “overlook” the miscellaneous jews' massacres and war crimes.


"... from the jewish side you are used to being exposed and attacked."

On the Palestinian side people are used to being stolen from, terrorized, shot at,

bombed with Geneva Convention banned white phosphorus, napalm and flechette bombs,

and murdered and massacred by jewish terrorists, Holm!

Roger Waters,

A human with heart.


“But israel is not a racist dictatorship. Look for yourself. There are no special benches for Palestinians, special sections on buses or exclusion from public and political life."

Look for yourself?  

Who brainwashed (payed) Holm?

The illegal state of the jews is exactly a racial and fascist dictatorship.

There are special benches for Palestinians, special sections on buses, special roads and exclusion from public and political life,

where the elected Palestinian candidates are imprisoned again and again, year after year, holm.

2013, international media:

“New bus lines connecting the West Bank with israel have caused controversy.

Despite claims to be regular lines,

media believe they were created specifically for Palestinians to separate them from the jewish occupiers."


"Intolerable conditions for many Palestinians in the occupied territories? Unfortunately."

"Palestinians in the occupied territories"?

Everything is Palestine, Holm, everything!


"Unfortunately," writes Holm.

Just a shrug.

A shaking cold indifference to the jews' war crimes, massacres and crimes against humanity in Palestine, now for 71 years.

Is that really the only thing Holm can offer after Palestine has been occupied by the jewish terrorists who,

since May 15, 1948, have murdered tens of thousands of Palestinians, including thousands of children?


"However, the advocates of the boycott campaign seem to be poorly informed about what kind of civil society israel is."

Civil Society?

Civil Society, really?

Absolutely, the jews down there are just as civilized as the Nazis were in Nazi Germany of the past.


"Recently, the country's president has refused to grant amnesty to an imprisoned sergeant who killed a Palestinian knife stabbing last year."

Just one imprisoned sergeant, yes, out of thousands of jewish terrorist idf-killers,

who weekly murders everywhere throughout occupied Palestine.

Later, his sentence was reduced to just 9 months, Holm!

Did you know that a jew got a road named after him a day after he from a few meters distance killed a wounded Palestinian

(once again violates these creeps the Geneva Conventions) by netanyahu?

Babies, children, yes, even pregnant women are slaughtered by jewish snipers who boast “2 dead, 1 bullet”!

91.5% of all cases of violence and murder of the invading jews are closed without charge. 1.1% of cases "disappear".

Finally, only 2.5% of the jews are prosecuted and convicted.

One sergeant?

Wake up, little Holm.



The despicable “chosen” jews kill children daily.

Even babies and pregnant women.



"The anger and impatience of the Palestinians is justified,

but whoever thinks the solution to their torment is to stay away from israel does not understand the depth of the conflict."


Again Holm presents himself as ignorant (or deliberately manipulates)

when he tries to cover up the jews' countless crimes and murders.


     Fool, Holm, get up on the horse now, it's not a conflict,

but a now 71-year-old jewish occupation, an eternal "crystal night" for the Palestinian people.

Holm thinks he ends this really smart.  

"Damn well, Holm, now you get Roger Waters good":

     “Next year he will be performing in Russia. Who has occupation troops in Crimea, eastern Ukraine and controls Chechnya?”

  Holms finale:

"That's it like the stone and the glass house."

  He is, like most at B. Media, both Islamophobic and as seen here, he also suffers from "Russia-phobia".

Why does Russia have troops in Crimea, in eastern Ukraine?

Because, Holm, the EU, among other things. pressured Ukraine to abandon a trade agreement with Russia

and because the war makers in NATO (including the Danish state) and the nazimperialistic United States

are continuing to increase their military presence just outside Russia’s gates.

     Despite Gorbachev was promised in 1990 that NATO and the West would never move in to Eastern Europe.

     Holm, the humanist (do you know what one is, Holm?) Roger Waters

is absolutely right to focus on and expose the invading jews' thefts, terror and murder in Palestine.

     These jews have broken hundreds of UN resolutions and Geneva Conventions.

     Yes, actually more than all countries in world, combined.

     Combined, Holm!  



December 2017, DF’s own creep, “SSpersen”.

  Contributors: B. Media and Espersen:







DF: Denmark should recognize Jerusalem as its capital.

Foreign Secretary of the Danish Folkpartei supports the US recognition of Jerusalem as israel's capital.


It created violent reactions worldwide as US President recognized Jerusalem as the capital of israel.

And now there is a reaction from the “dänish folkpartei”.

The party supports trump's announcement and wants Denmark to recognize Jerusalem as israel's capital.

That is what Espersen (DF) says to DR (danish tv).


“I think we should also move our embassy from tel aviv to Jerusalem. It will dress the Danish government to follow suit with the United States.”

Al Quds, Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinians.


And, everyone who follows the United States (and their insane war machine) are fascists.

Well, yes, but you are also exactly that, right Espe?


“…does not think that this decision will harm the peace process between israel and Palestine.

In fact, he does not believe that there is any peace process in progress."

  It is actually quite correct. That has never been the idea. There have never been real peace talks.

Only delays, stallings.

The invading jews and trump's United States will steal all of Palestine, it is seen quite clearly.


“I think it is excellent that it is stated that Jerusalem is the capital of israel.

Then the Palestinians, if they get a state, must have their capital somewhere else."

       “...must have their capital somewhere else…”


  Stated by Espe, a DF (does DF stand for Danish Fascists?) creep that also thinks it is perfectly ok to bomb children in Syria!



DF’s, Danish Fascists’ prime pig Espe.




December 2017, Jerusalem, near the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Contributors: B. Media and Sorensen.



B. Media's and the jews' Sorensen reports:

No intifada so far.

The occasional clashes between israeli police and Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem are far below intifada levels.

Sorensen observes a young Palestinian who spits after a jew and asks him:

"Why did you spit?" Sorensen asks.  

"Because the israelis have taken our land," he replies.

After decades the sadly ignorant Sorensen in B. Media obviously still doesn’t know

that the invading jews stole Palestine on May 15, 1948, Al Nakba.

Still we wait for Sorensen, through his pro-jewish blinders,

to discover the many crimes that daily hail down over the Palestinians.

One of many examples:

At present, invading jewish terrorists have killed more than 3,000 Palestinian children since the year 2000!

Never mentioned in B. Media?

Or have you written about it, sleeping Sorensen?


One of the israeli police officers points to one of the Red Crescent ambulances that is crossing the road and says:

"Look, it's the Red Crescent that is wreaking havoc".

Certainly Sorensen buys that, and of course doesn’t check why there is a Palestinian ambulance present.


At the same time, one of the many foreign journalists on a direct radio connection reports that

"Jerusalem is at a boiling point and that the tension is enormous".

But Jerusalem is not at a boiling point (says Sorensen).

The israeli police forces (the jews' Schutz Staffel) have taken advantage of the expected demonstrations

by dividing the square at Damascus Gate with fences

so that all Palestinians who leave Friday prayers are thrown out in different directions.

Incredible one-eyed propaganda from Sorensen, which apparently (is he blind?) never has seen

the jewish police beat, fire tear gas or rubber bullets and real bullets after the Palestinians at the Al Aqsa Grand Mosque.

The jew creeps have probably informed Sorensen that he also is a kind of, err, semi "chosen" (or is he already cut?)

if he is really good at letting their crimes disappear into oblivion.

And then he probably gets a small reward, right?



Invading jews terrorize the Palestinians daily at the Al Aqsa Mosque…



…protected, or helped, by satanyahu’s sturmtruppen.




Christmas, 2017, the gutter at B.

Contributors: B. Media and Holm.




"Politiken (another media) and the little anti-semitism."

Not much to write about here, but a clear proof of Holm’s and B. Media's enormous hypocrisy:


One of Denmark's most accomplished magazine artists in the course of a human age is called Per Marquard Otzen.

He may not be known by a wide readership of this magazine,

but if you take a look at Politiken, you can enjoy his often artistic and gifted lines.

Sometimes, however, he exceeds the limit of what is acceptable.

Otzen made a drawing (the one with the grilled pigeon, quite funny)

following trump's decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem.

I quote Holm:

"Sometimes, however, he exceeds the limit of what is acceptable."

February 2008:

Berlingske brings Kurt Westergaard's controversial drawing of Muhammad with a bomb in the turban.

Freedom of expression, shouts B. (just Muslims, right?).

     But when it comes to "the (poor?) chosen", the child-murdering jews in occupied Palestine, oh my!

Holm and B. Media.

A bankruptcy declaration.

Pathetic are you, B. Media.

And why do Holm use the zionist constructed word "anti-semitism"?

Why does Holm not just use the word "jew-hatred"?

Look and learn, Holm and you others on B. Media:

Artists commentary to the fake “piss-process”.

The targeted pigeon (under) made by the great Banksy!


Believe the poor Pal. bird mommy refers to B. Media.




New Year, 2018, Nyboders "xtian” propagandist.

Contributors: B. Media and Lilleor.






Lilleor's blog:

"We are all jews"


“With the star of david around my neck, I step into 2018.

In the days after December 12, I hung it in the chain I always go with.

The star is usually worn only by jews, but now it has to hang next to my cross around the clock.

The reason is Politiken's caricature drawing of a big-nose full-fat jew, who is served a fried peace pigeon on a silver plate.

The drawing itself and the reactions to it revealed how much anti-semitism has grown. Again.

There is no written jew under the caricature, it is unnecessary, for it plays roughly on the prejudice of how jews are."  

It was somekind of an introduction, huh?

Acid regurgitation from B.'s "priest".

Lilleor's "intelligence" is nicely expressed by her earlier statement:

"Burka and chastity belts are the same."

Wonder if she borrowed a burka while wiggling around in her chastity belt, hehe?

The introduction must be just as dissected as the pigeon we are left with:

With the “star of david” (David has though never, according to historians, run around with a 6-pointed star)

around my neck, I step into 2018.

In the days after December 12, I hung it in the chain I always wear.

The star is usually worn only by jews, but now it has to hang next to my cross around the clock.

(Doesn't it get heavy with all that metal, Lilleor?

Chain, cross, jewish star and chastity belt, hehehee).

"The reason is the cartoon caricature drawing of a big-nose full-fat jew, who is served a fried peace pigeon on a silver plate."

Yes, this will the full-fat jew hardly get filled of, right Lilleor?

"The drawing itself and the reactions to it, revealed how much anti-semitism has grown. Again."

Oh. Has "anti-semitism" (there we have it again, why does Lilleor not just use the word jew hatred) grown?

Not just grown, but grown again!


Oh my, oh my, oh my dear!

 "There is not written jew under the caricature, it is unnecessary, for it plays roughly on the prejudice of what jews are like."

Of course there is not written jew under the caricature, it looks like one excellent, Lilleor, hehe.



The “chosen” “fat israeli jews” eat everything…



… so what hides under the jews cloth?


Associate Professor at KUA specializing in religious satire, Dennis Meyhoff Brink:

"The classic example of anti-semitism concerns jews as such,

and portrays this jew as one who has innate qualities such as greed and dishonesty,

or as one who drinks blood from young children."

   "...or as one who drinks blood from young children."

  Brink, brilliant!

  This is a very fine description of "the chosen".

  The one with child-blood is damned real, Lilleor, just look at these crazy blood-sucking jewish rabid rabbis:



I have no words left for these disgusting bloodsucking jews.



I have no words left for these disgusting zio-nazi bloodsucking jews.


From the jew bunker (emb.) in Hellerup:

“We have no problem with criticizing israel. But this has nothing to do with israel.

This is a caricature of a jew, as is only seen in Iran and other countries with an anti-semitic tradition.

It is a classic image of a fat jew with a big nose and big mouthwho is about to eat all over the world.

It is a drawing that is both anti-semitic and hateful”.

  Ouch for that one over the paws, what Hell’rup jews?

"... But this has nothing to do with israel..."

Nothing to do with israel, so why are you whining, hehe?


"Before anyone shouts "Muhammad drawing!",

I just have to say that there is just as much difference between Muhammad drawing

and the fat peace-eating jew as the difference between religious criticism and racism.

Being able to criticize all religions freely and far into the fence is the hallmark of democracy,

but the utter prejudice of other people based solely on their faith and appearance is democratically demeaning.

The drawing of the Prophet with a bomb in the turban did not turn all Muslims into pro-Islamist turban bombers.

But all jewish men have reason to feel struck by this drawing, for it imagines them.

Each and every one. Simply put.”

  The Islamophobic, the hypocrite Lilleor, is really far out with her "tilted toilet" here.

No Earth connection has the "priest".

“But all jewish men have reason to feel struck by this drawing, because it imagines them. Each and every one. Simply put.”


I know a couple of jews who are not quite as ugly as the one on Per Marquard Otzen's excellent,

but tragicomic drawing, which illustrates a dead peace process,

due to the jews' and US's hatred and terror against the Palestinian people.

Say, I thought that a "priest" like Lilleor advocated for peace and the Ten Commandments?

Well, not all pastors are in favor of peace.

  Every thinking person knows very well that the cult of war-crusading Christians throughout history

has repeatedly murdered many, many more people globally than the Muslims have.


“Only if we are all jews can we stop the persecution of the jews. Again."

Again ... again.

  It could be that people did not persecute these "poor" "fucking jews",

who with Nazi blitzkrieg genocide advance toward and across the Palestinians,

if these jews stopped their crimes against humanity in occupied Palestine!  

* * *

  I never ever saw any, any, media (or politician) reflect on why people hate jews and ask questions about it.


     I will cut it out in paper.

     Why, jew-lover Lilleor, do you think a Palestinian refugee attacked jews in the synagoge in Krystalgade?

     If you don’t understand people globally are angry

because of the jews endless crimes in the occupied Palestine,

then you are a really a stupid inhuman beast, Lille-jew-hore!



History repeats itself.  

But remember, these jews that terrorize and kill in PAL are not semite jews.

They are invading US-supported jews from all over Mother Earth.  



February 2018, Khader, the Palestine traitor.

Contributors: B. Media and Khader.






This is a comment. It expresses the writer's attitude.

Lars Erslev Andersen:  

"How will you solve the refugee problem for the Palestinians, Naser Khader?"


The Palestinian leaders do not think that a US dictation of a solution to the conflict

that follows israel's wishes is a fair and fair way to negotiate.

It has informed the trump administration that has responded by punishing the Palestinians

by stopping contributions to UNRWA, which is the United Nations program that runs schools and health clinics

as well as providing food aid, etc., in the Palestinian refugee camps.

Khader argues that this is the way forward for peace.

Closing refugee camps is the way forward for peace?

Hitler said that the road to peace was the extermination of jews.

Is that what Khader wants? Is he the greatest traitor of the Palestinian people ever?

"The refugee camps and the UNRWA maintain," according to Khader, "the Palestinians as refugees,

and it happens simply because the Palestinians want to return to the country

from which 711,000 Palestinians were displaced in 1948."

"Just because"?

Are you sick, Khader?

"But that problem is almost solved," Khader argues: "After all, only 20,000 of those 711,000 actually fled in 1948.

The rest are dead. If we wait another ten years or so, the last 20,000 are probably dead too.”

"The last 20,000 are probably dead too."

(Here was it I threw up).

Khader does not recognize children of the 711,000 as Palestinian refugees!

Speaking of his Nazi evil and totally sickening argument,

one can also say that since there are virtually no Semitic (original) jews left,

the millions of invading jewish terrorists from Western and Eastern Europe can just head home where they came from.

The traitor Khader writes that the Palestinians "can just move out of the refugee camps"

and go to East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

But the jews in occupied Palestine do not want and have not allowed the millions of Palestinians living in the refugee camps

to move to East Jerusalem and the remnants of the West Bank.

Why does Khader write that they can do just that?

How will Khader solve the problem for these many people who do not have refugee status under the UN,

who do not have citizenship, and who, according to Khader, also now not are "Palestinian refugees"?

What “israel”?



July 2018, Ritze i B.

Contributors: B. Media and Ritzau.





     B. (Ritzau):

"israel makes the toughest attack on Gaza in four years."

Two Palestinians are reported killed by israeli attacks in Gaza.

  Hardest attack in four years, B. and Ritze?

More than 150 protesting Palestinians were killed and more than 13,000 wounded

by jewish snipers and military from April to June, at the Gaza border.

The use of deadly force by jewish child killers was condemned at the UN on June 13, 2018.

  2 killed, hardest attack in four years, B. and Ritze?

Do you know the magazine Wake Up?

Try it, B.ritze.

We now know the jewish-controlled Ritzau,

so it is no surprise that the freedom fighters from Hamas should just have dirt thrown on the way:


"The militant Islamic fundamentalist Hamas group is in control of the Gaza Strip."

  Haha. Really funny, their hate sermon on the freedom fighters in Gaza,

or as Palestine traitor Khader would have expressed it, had he been with his former people:

"A ridiculous statement".

Shouldn't Ritze rather have written:

"The terrorizing and anti-human nazi-like jewish idf militants have once again murdered children in Gaza."


And again B. Media closed their eyes for the jews childkilling in Gaza.  


"Hamas does not recognize the state of israel's right to exist."

Ignorante Ritze's jewish propaganda center has apparently "forgotten" that Hamas offered the jews a 10-year cease-fire to begin with,

following satanyahu's massacre in Gaza in 2014,

when brave Hamas unbelievably resisted the jews' thousands of terror-bombings against children and people in Gaza.


"In the West Bank, the second Palestinian area, the more secular organization Fatah is in control."

Ritze, (is it really a "news” agency?) once again slept in the classroom back in 2006, when there was elections in Palestine.

Hamas won the election, to the great horror of the western world, and both the US and the EU scrambled up like wingshot ducks:

"If Hamas does not accept (the illegal state) "israel ",

we will not accept the election result (which was satisfactorily approved by UN election observers)".

Typical of "democratic" US and EU would only accept the result with threats.

The hypocrisy of the Western world Christians and jews defined!

And soon afterwards the war mad United States supported Fatah with both dollars and weapons to fight Hamas's electoral winners.

Really a good way to make peace, right B.ritze?

The US way



Hamas is an organisation of freedom fighters

just like any europian cell or group that fought nazism in WWII.




July, 2018, Nyboder, in the sewer? No, ”church", was it.

Contributors: B. Media and Lilleor.



Lilleors blog (again again):

  ”Is Labours anti-semitism necessary to forward the case of the Palestinians?”

  The oh so "holy" "priest"

(one of the two (also Krarup) priests I know who does not contain just 1% humanism)

Lilleor wanders directly into the quicksand with his headline.

Labor is absolutely pro-semitic, as they support the original Semitic people, the Palestinians.

Learn about Semitism, lilleor:

“The basic word Semite gives the false impression that anti-Semitism is aimed at all Semitic people,

including Arabs and Assyrians.

The compound word Anti-Semitismus ("anti-Semitism")

was first used in print in Germany in 1879as "a scientifically sounding term"

for Judenhass ("jew hatred"), and it has been its common use ever since."


"The reason is that Labor recently made its own definition of anti-Semitism,

which on four points differs from the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Organization)."

Oh, you ignorant xtian-extremist "priest" Lilleor.

"Anti-Semitism," the word, has nothing to do with either the whining IHRA

or the jewish exterminations in World War II.

     The jews whom the Nazis gassed were European non-Semitic jews, you ignorant sheep.


"The four views that can then be expressed without the fact that Labor will be accused of anti-Semitism are:"

1:                 That jews are more loyal to israel than their own country.

     2: To demand higher standards for israel's behavior than for other countries.

3:                       That the state of israel's existence is rooted in racism.

4:                              To compare israel's politics today with the Nazis.

     Point 3, not only the jews' illegal state is rooted in racism,

but also in fascism, apartheid, terror, theft and not least, child murder.

Point 4, the policy of the illegal and extremist jewish state has been to steal a country from day 1,

May 15, 1948, Nakba, as when the Nazis would steal Denmark.

Nazism and zionism go hand in hand, Little’or.

The jews actually behave a lot worse for the Palestinians than the Nazis did for the jews.

Lilleor: “The new definition of anti-Semitism is the preliminary culmination of a dispute between Labor's left wing,

called the Momentum Group, which has had a great influence under the socialist-pacifist Corbyn.

It advocates a free Palestine, and leading personalities, such as London's former Mayor Ken Livingstone,

have indicated that there was a connection between Hitler and zionism.

Livingstone was suspended by Labor, but he would not, according to Labor's anti-Semitism definition, have become today."

It's called "freedom of speech", Lilleor.

Exactly as when such a fake godless creature like you smears against Muslims in B. Media, Lilleor.

And, "priest", Hitler was actually an eager fan of zionism,

and many components from zionism was used to create Nazism.


The terrorist, thief and child-killer, nazitanyahu.



"... then each and every jew has assumed responsibility for the actions of the state of israel.

Which is only fair, for jews all over the world are closet israelis. "

"jews all over the world are closet-israelis."


Again, the "pious" cross-chain-jew-star-and-chastity-belt-carrying "priest" propagates, manipulates and lies.

Hundreds of thousands of real jews all over Mother Earth are absolutely not advocating

the illegal terrorizing "jewish" apartheid fascist state in the occupied Palestine.


Real jews.

Miko Peled.

Learn, B. Media!



November 2018.

  Contributors: B. Media and Kamil:






Article by Kamil

  "He was blamed for the worst of all political charges in israel - and survived"


      "It is not for nothing that benjamin netanyahu goes by the nickname "king of israel"."

      Positive on this. "king of israel" in quotation marks, irony must it be?

     Is there really a neutral person about ME on B. Media?


     "israel's Prime Minister has so far survived corruption charges and the threat of bribery lawsuits."

  And child murder of thousands, Kamil, not to forget, right?


One of most evil beasts of today, Hitler’s apprentice.


"israel's economic blockade against Gaza,

which has brought the small, densely populated strip of land close to an economic collapse,

which ultimately threatens israel's security:

Unemployment among Gaza youth is 70 percent, average monthly wage $ 100,

electricity only four hours a day, the water is undrinkable."

* * *

"israel's economic blockade against Gaza"?

What about the terrorizing jews' military blockade?

What about the jews' blockade of the Palestinians' sea?

What about the jews' blockade of Gaza residents' airspace?

And why is there only electricity four hours a day?


     "The king rides off the storm..."

Whoa, Kamil, where did the quotation marks go?


"Crowds burned down car tires, and israeli defense minister avigdor lieberman, who belongs to the hardliners,

immediately chose to withdraw himself and his party from the government

on the grounds that netanyahu had bowed to Hamas terror."

"Crowds burned off car tires".

"Bowed to Hamas terror."

No wonder the Danes are misled by B. Media

as they carry out tire burning as terror while the jews kill Palestinian children daily.

Your article is upside down, Kamil.

The lovely jew, avigdor lieberman, (not "hardliner", weak Kamil, but terrorist and fascist) stated:

"Those who are with us deserve everything,

but those who are against us deserve to have their heads chopped off with an ax."

Shortly after, the education minister and the leader of another ultra-right-wing party, naftali bennett,

announced that he would also withdraw from the government.


"I have murdered many Arabs in my life and there is no problem with that."


The jews in the occupied Palestine, the “chosen” child-killers.


Kamil’s finale:

The king of israel once again managed to ride the storm off.

Again, where did the quotation marks go?

Are you a fan of the most elusive and extremist jew-creeps since World War II, Kamil?

You fall right through, Kamil.


Relating to Kamil's article, B. dictates:


israel and Gaza


"The densely populated small Gaza Strip, which is surrounded by israel,

is controlled by the Islamic group of Hamas, which won power in the area in 2006."

  More precise, B., Hamas won the election in 2006.

Hamas got 76 seats and Fatah 43 seats in the Palestinian parliamentary elections.

Hamas's freedom fighters thus sat on more than half of Parliament's 132 seats, and the EU and the US raged!

Just watch the reaction from the war-pig bushy junior:

"I do not see that you can become a partner in peace talks if you advocate destroying another country,"

bush says of Hamas, which has won the Palestinian election big.

Really "funny" statement from the greatest terrorist and war-maker on Mother Earth at the time,

representing the sick state of the United States,

which has begun 37 wars and murdered more than 24,500,000 people since World War II!


"Shortly after Hamas won power, they threw out rivals from the Fatah party, represented by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas."

Beeeek! Fakenews, B.!  

There are still plenty of Fatah people in Gaza.


"Hamas' takeover of Gaza caused israel to launch a blockade against the strip,

which israel has maintained since 2006 and which has almost completely destroyed the region's economy."


Because the West-World Christian war-extremists supply weapons to the terrorizing rabid child-murdering jews.


     “Abbas' umbrella organization, PLO, based in the West Bank, has signed a peace agreement with israel.

Hamas, on the other hand, does not at all recognize israel's right to exist,

but instead calls directly for violence against the israelis."

  Hamas offered the jewish invaders and warmongers 10 years of ceasefire what they refused.

"But instead calls directly for violence against the israelis."

Beeeek! Fakenews again, B.

Hamas is trying to calm down the poor terrorized Palestinians in the criminal jews' concentration camp Gaza.


     "So far, israel and Hamas have been fighting each other three times in Gaza: in 2008, in 2012 and in 2014."

     Wrong again, B. Media!

     Satan's chosen child murderers, the jews in occupied Palestine, have committed many more massacres in Gaza:


     2002.    Massacre “defensive shield” ... 55 children murdered.

     2006.         Massacre "summer rain" ... 58 children murdered.

     2006.       Massacre "autumn cloud" ... 85 children murdered.

     2008.             Massacre "hot winter" ... 33 children murdered.

     2008.               Massacre “cast lead” ... 53 children murdered.

     2012.    Massacre "pillar of defense" ... 33 children murdered.

     2014.   Massacre “protective edge” ... 551 children murdered.  

* * *


"Since March 30, the Palestinians have been protesting every Friday along israel's border fence with Gaza.

The violent clashes have killed more than 200 Palestinians and an israeli soldier."

  +200 killed and more than 13,000 wounded by jewish snipers!

Just because they burn tires and display their Palestinian flag, B..  

FACTS, B. Media?


  B. Media’s "facts" are absolutely as true,

as the nazis propaganda from the ’30’ties and the ’40’ties from Goebbels

Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda


     Okay, so who is this Kamil?

     Kamil is B.'s Middle Eastern correspondent based in Istanbul.

     Kamil is a graduate of, err, “cand.scient.pol", at the Aarhus University.

     Hahahaa. Really? Cand.scient.pol?

     With the shit she shoots out I will translate to:


     Aaaarhus Uni?

     In the "old days" we had something called "Aarhus stories".

      This has obviously been turned into "Aarhus-fakenews" by Kamil.



The daily “life” for the children of Gaza.

US military "advisors” and the maniac jews bomb them again and again.




April 2019, Groth-Andersen from “soi”.

  Contributors: B. Media and Groth-Andersen:







This is a comment. It expresses the writer's attitude.

  "israel, Palestine and five Danish "useful idiots"

  Groth-Andersen, GA, from "together about israel" (soi):

     "What is it that Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, Mogens Lykketoft, Martin Lidegaard, Holger K. Nielsen and Per Stig Møller

consider as a fair solution to the israel-Palestine conflict?

A Palestinian jew-free state?"

  Like a rutting rooster, narrow-eyed GA jumps up.

"A Palestinian jew-free State?"

In classical Palestine, all religions have always lived in peace, both Muslims, jews and Christians.

The Palestinian Muslims received with open arms about 300,000 European jews from '44 to '47.

The Palestinians have never demanded that the Semitic jews to leave Palestine.

The problem for the Palestinians is the invading non-Semitic jews (zionists, B. Media),

who from the early 1900 confiscated more and more of the Palestinians' land.

This culminated on May 15, 1948 when, obviously Satan's "chosen" jews stole Palestine.


     In an open letter in the international media, a number of European politicians,

including Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, Mogens Lykketoft, Martin Lidegaard, Holger K. Nielsen and Per Stig Møller,

addressed the governments with a clear message that a US peace plan for the israel-Palestine conflict

should provide a fair solution for the Palestinians.

1.   GA, at least 3 of these 5 are zionists.

Guess who.

2.   2 of these voted for the US hore, the Danish state, to join the US’ insane invasion of Iraq and murder millions of civilians.

Guess who.

GA: "Not a word about a just solution for israel."

After all, now millions of invading non-Semitic jews in the illegal state have already stolen most of Palestine, GA.


     “All solutions should, of course, be fair, but must also be seen in the light of history.

There has to be given, to be taken, to be trusted, and in that way achieve peace and coexistence."

"Also be seen in the light of history,” GA?  

What history, GA?

The stolen state of the jews has no history but only a large number of prosecutions of the terror they have committed

against the Palestinians from 100 years ago and after Nakba, 15 May 1948, up till today.

"To give and to take," GA?

The Palestinians gave the approximately 300,000 jews who came from Europe from '44 to '47,

good opportunities to live in Palestine,

and I think the invading jewish thieves have taken plenty, soon they have stolen all of Palestine.

“…achieve peace and coexistence,” GA? Open your eyes and ears, GA.

The jews want peace by exterminating all PALs, exactly the same way Hitler wanted peace by erasing the jews.


"The US Secretary of State pompeo has recently correctly stated 

that the proposals of the last 40 years have not brought peace,

"So now we must try something new."

       "... correctly stated ...” ???

Are your middle name also Goebbels, GA?

Goebbels-Andersen, hehe?

  The American war pig pompeo here probably thinks:

"So now we have to try some new weapons."

There have never been real peace talks, GA, but just delays

so the jews could have time to steal the land from the Palestinians.

The United States and the jews in occupied Palestine have never been interested in peace.

Never, GA.


"What is it that Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, Mogens Lykketoft, Martin Lidegaard, Holger K. Nielsen and Per Stig Moller consider as a fair solution?

Is it a Palestinian jewish state? For example, within the armistice lines of 1949,

which is also mistakenly called the 67th boundary,

before israel in a defense war against Jordan, recaptured a bit of the old mandate?


"... before israel in a defense war against Jordan, recaptured a bit of the old mandate area?

As usual, the jewish terrorists were the aggressors against Jordan and what does GA mean:  

"... recaptured a bit of the old mandate area?"

Well, of course, the Palestinian territory, Palestine, under the British mandate it must be.

After all, every thinking person knows that there has never been a jewish state or a jewish capital,

and that there has never ever existed a state called "israel".

Even Golda Mabovitch (Meir), a jewish invader from Ukraine, wrote letters to acquaintances in Palestine.

She knew very well, despite later lies and denials, typical of jews, that the country was called Palestine, GA.



Golda (Meir) Mabowitch,

one of the jews biggest terrorists.




March 2019, Kassebeer, on a beerbox?

  Contributors B. Media and Kassebeer:






B .:

Foreign Minister Samuelsen:

Danish no to UN resolutions facing israel.


"Of course, one should be able to criticize israel, but it must be done on an equal footing with all other countries,"

says the Danish State's Foreign Minister (LA).

  "But it must be done on par with all other countries".

      Are Samuelsen and his pro-jewish gov. and the Danish state really so lame

that they not dare to investigate what is going on in Palestine and draw their own conclusions?

      More than 130 "other countries" that have approved the Palestinian state, and the UN, know very well

what crimes the invading jews are committing,

but the foreign minister chooses to close his eyes and ears.

Pathetic, Samuel!


No no no and no.

That will be the Danish state's response when the UN Human Rights Council

will routinely try to get resolutions against israel on Friday,

which together with the occupied territories always constitutes the Council's agenda item 7.

Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen (LA) will not participate any more.

Or as he says in a press release from the Foreign Ministry:


"From day one of Denmark's membership of the Human Rights Council,

I have made it clear that it is completely unacceptable when israel as the only country in the world

is the target of an independent agenda item on the Council's agenda.

     That is why I have decided that tomorrow the Danish state

will in principle vote against all resolutions under the Council's agenda item 7.”

  "in principle" vote no?

     Wasn't it more important to vote for what crimes the illegal jewish terror-state actually commits, Samuel?

     Currently, the jews are being monitored by the United Nations for breach of more than 30 resolutions, Samuel.

     Hundreds of resolutions by the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council

deal with these jewish invaders, thieves, terrorists and murderers:





UN, where most of the countries are pro Palestine,

but a few terrorizing warpig nations

(mainly USA and UK, and now the danish state?)

are against Palestine and allow jews to continue their crimes against humanity.



Since October 2018, Denmark, together with Austria and Italy, has constituted the Western group in the UN Council.

The United States has withdrawn from the Council, where a country like Saudi Arabia has almost never been criticized,

and there have been several cases where countries such as Saudi Arabia and Libya have held the presidency,

even though both countries violate human rights.

  "The United States has withdrawn from the Council, where a country like Saudi Arabia is almost never criticized"

Hold it, Beer.

Why are you using Saudi Arabia, the US and the Danish state and the Danish royals war-friends in Yemen, here?

The United States pulled out because the invading jews were being bullied for their endless terror in the occupied Palestine.  

US out has nothing to do with SA, K.


The Danish People Party’s (As we now know is the danish fascist party) Espersen, 

chair of the Foreign Policy Committee,

says in a comment that he is "very, very happy" for Anders Samuelsen's decision.


“It was thought that they helped the peace process by voting for these resolutions, but they have had no effect at all.

They have just been a big time harassment against israel.

Every year, the same motions for resolutions come from Arab countries such as Yemen and Qatar

and from other strange regimes like Iran, who all of a sudden become friends with Saudi Arabia.

Now we say no. It will resonate across Europe."

“Every year, the same motions for resolutions come from Arab countries

such as Yemen and Qatar and from other strange regimes like Iran…”

“…and from other strange regimes like Iran…” ?

But Iran is anyway not a warpig country as your danish state, fascist Espersen!


The danish monster Espersen supports jews stealing Palestine.


You recognize the fascist Espe easily. Strange rubbish.

For a year and a few months, DF's sturmbahnführer said that there was no peace process.

Yemen, Qatar and Iran?

Fascist-espe has just forgotten that his sick Danish state of US whores

has been out in illegal wars now for 18 years and murdered countless civilians and children

in the Arab world, in fact more than Yemen, Qatar and Iran, together!




May 2019, B.’s own ”fucking jew"; Krasnikov.

  Contributors: B. Media and Krasnik:






In Weekendavisen, the poor fucking jew Krasnik:

“The upcoming election will be historically with a Nazi on the ballot.

How to treat and understand such one democraticly?


The jewish propagandist Krasnik, the jews own über-Goebbels here in Denmark, must understand that easily.

Krasnik, after all, acts and believes exactly the same as the Nazis in the '30s Nazi-Germany.

As the Nazis would steal Europe in World War II, the jews are now allowed to steal Palestine.


"An hour with Weekendavisen: Krasnik pulls the Nazi card."

Haha, he always has that with him when he in a fascist way manipulates in DR2's "Deadline".

Cap, jewish star and Nazi card, fits perfectly together.


Present to you, dear reader, the danish pro-israhell jews' own sick

mini-nazi, manipulator, liar and propagandist,

protected by and working for,

B. Media:

  martin “goebbels” krasnikov  


To all those who call Paludan clown, reveler, cuckold, provocateur, fool or other cheerful, one must say no:

With his kind of human outlook, Paludan is a Nazi.  

We need to talk about that and much more in this week's edition of "An hour with Weekendavisen" ...



The monster-jew Krasnik:

“I could go into war for israhell”


Amazing human Dr. Mads Gilbert,

who saves children lives in Gaza.


An hour with the non-Semitic Eastern European Goebbels propagandist Krasnikov himself acting as a Nazi?

No thank you, my friend!




B. Media manipulating editors:




Grund/Jensen know exactly what is going on.

But they sacrifice these children, maybe for israhell jewish shekels!





I usually sort people into 4 different groups:

Humans, creatures, beasts or monsters.

       So, how are we going to place these 13 participants from the media of Berlingske,

that deliberately obscures the evil war crimes and child killing of the israhell jews?

  First category is very easy, as there are no humans involved here at all. Human category, none.

  Next category same.

  The first I place is easy, as “Goebbels” Krasnikov, the fucking jew, fits right into the monster category.


  1 Humans:                       None

  2 Creatures:                     None

  3 Beasts: Kamil (young, naive )

  4 Monsters:                               

Krasnik Krarup Lilleor Sorensen Khader Bludnikow

Holm Espersen GrothA Kassebeer Grund Jensen


     Yeah! Must be just like that, right?


     That’s all, folks.



     On the last page is a quiz.

Can you spot the 13 B. Media fascist pro jew (and jew) manipulators?





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