August 23, 2019

ANE: US trump'tler aproves sale of F-16 fighters to Taiwan.

INS: Think the Chinese will kick their butt instantly.


August 16, 2019

INS: Look that farce about the supertanker that UK/US grabbed.

ANE: Yah, best INS. Iranian tanker Grace 1 released in Gibraltar despite US attempts to UK hold it further.

Repeat US attempts!

INS: Look how US & UK try to silence their crimes by telling it was Gibraltar, that seized Grace 1.

ANE: Ridiculous!

INS: Who IS that creep trump? Know he forbids US politicians to go to the occupied Palestine!

ANE: Yah, and the monster even wants to "buy" Greenland, hahaa!

INS: Poor humans. Sad. After Hitler came this creep, trump'tler, Hitler 2.0.


August 9, 2019

ANE: Oh my, INS. What are the humans doing? Haven't they learned anything?

INS: Oh! And I thought the humans were not stupid?

Look at the monsters in US UK Dk and the zionist in still occupied Palestine!

ANE: Yah, best INS. Looks like trump johnson frederiksen an netanyahun IS looking for more wars!

INS: Wow! Look at all the killings in USA! Almost 40.000 killed by guns i 2017!

ANE: And more than 102.000 US (from ex Iraq/Afghan) soldiers have commited suicide now!!!

INS: Looks like the greedy west world jews and xtians will destroy mankind.

ANE: Sad to see. I had hope, INS, I had hope.


August 2, 2019

ANE: And here we are, INS. It is really a beautiful planet that blue and white gem, the Earth, as they call it.

INS: Its amazing. We never saw a more stunning planet than Earth in all our travelling around the Milky Way.

ANE: Agree. Lets park our SLS on the Moon and check out what the humans have achieved.

INS: For sure. Lets have a toast in sparkling Altarian 5 bubbles as we watch what has happened here.

ANE: Right dude, haha. You open the bottle and I get 2 glasses.


INS: Aahhh  best in Galaxy. Cheers ANE!

ANE: 7 years after. INS! Bet the humans have learned and found peace by now, right?

INS: Yah. They are not stupid. Bet they must have, on their sparkling gem Earth.


July 28, 2019

INS: Hey Ane, what do you say we take a trip to Earth so see if the humans have evolved more peacefully since our holiday there 7 years ago?

ANE: Great idea, Ins, by now they most have learned by their endless greed and mistakes, right?

INS: Haha, we will see about that, best Ane.